(E.L.A.) On Humor & Enagagement

An Ensemble of Laughter

You may have noticed how laughter can take various forms; the anxious one right before you start crying, the laughter at another persons stupidity, or a more profound laughter. Laughing at yourself  & your cultural practices that are held in such high regards.

Now this is the laughter I’m interested in. The kind of laughter that can erupt a room while unveiling the masks that our cultural institutions hide behind, with the conviction of absolute seriousness :-). This kind of laughter is not only effective in providing the presenter with laughs but also acts as a great tension relief for the audience. I’m sure we’ve all had that moment when we realize we’re not alone in finding this mad circus we call life, a joke.

And that’s exactly what I aim to do here. Be your tour guide to this hilarious circus we call ‘modern day life’ & all the elaborate games it inhabits. 

Yours Truly

_-_ Bertie Russ_-_

(E.L.A.) On Intellect

Welcome to the Intellectual En-light

Being enlightened doesn’t mean deluding yourself that you are not governed by a paradigm; economically, psychologically and environmentally, its rather acknowledging the paradigms that shapes our culture in order understand & transcend them to higher grounds.

That considered I will attempt to comprehensively detail the societal model we all currently live under (the perception & reality of it), and comparing it to the prospects of emerging systems now possible due to technological advancements in various social & scientific fields.

The components that will be addressed over time to gain a comprehensive view of our societal capabilities & limitations will consist of: current knowledge of Human needs, propensities & dominant value set, The environment (our habitat), current technical capabilities (Production, distribution, etc…) and all other forms of enlightening literature.

Hopefully our journey together will be prove to be a healthy form of intellectual En-light

Yours Truly 

_-_ Alldose Huxley_-_

(E.L.A.) Overall Vision

The Vision

If your reading this you are witnessing the very first baby steps of a collective, a creative venture, a vision by the name of Enlightened ~ Allure.

The Vision of Enlightened ~ Allure is to ultimately create an interactive website that serves as a hub for creative development. By orientating around three key principles of: artistically, intellectually & lightheartedly enlightening users through content.With surprises of original creative content (music, photographs, poems…), event invites and much more for users; all inspired by the theme of posted content on the site.

Although Prior to & after the official launch of Enlightened~ Allure, this blog will be providing a rare insight into the evolution of Enlightened~ Allure, the concepts, ideas & characters that mold the enterprise.

In order to get a comprehensive view of Enlightened~ Allure, three key characters within the collective will be presenting various content/material & concepts that they encounter, that help develops them & ultimately the DNA of Enlightened~ Allure. The characters consist of: Curatious (Creative En-light),  Alldose Huxley(Intellectual En-light) & Bertie Russ (En-light-hearted), all of them presenting within their desired fields.

Looking forward to our collective evolution. Hopefully it will be a Vision that burns bright !