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It’s Should Never Be work. Its Just A Curious Kid’s Exploration

The alarm rings & its time for me to get up & get ready for work once again. I wish I could get a few more hours sleep & actually taste my breakfast for once, rather than having to waffle it all down in a bid to beat the morning rush. But then I snap out my wishful thinking & remind my self that they are millions of people around the world with working days just like mine. Who am I to bitch & complain about working for a living I should be grateful right? Well is it really wishful thinking for me to expect the majority of my life to be spent on something I am actually passionate about & contributes positively to society? After-all time is the only real commodity I have, once its gone, its gone.

Thinking back to my younger days where the luxuries of food & shelter was a given & all that you worried about was what new discoveries will be made in the garden, park or if your lucky museum. So what inspired me to go running through the bushes, read up on far & varied topics from outer space to the adventures of Alasdair Gray books, way before money was an incentive & when did it all change. It seems that a clear shift in attitude occurred when your asked as a child “What do want to be when you’re older” this implies you need to pick a field & stay in it.

For a child exploring the world that seems very confining, to stay in one field of interest. However in order to continue living your told “you need to find something that pays & whatever time you have left you can spend on your interests”. Is this really still necessary in the 21st century, surely the most beneficial thing for the broader public health is for people to get up every morning with an appetite for new discoveries & pass on this enthusiasm on to the people they engage with. Similar to the infectious nature of a curious kids need for exploration.

Yours Truly

_-_Alldose Huxley_-_

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