(E.L.A.) On Creativity

We’re All-Creative… Yes even you :-)

Creativity is widely regarded as a gifted trait where the creator is solely the source of all inspiration & creation. However on observation it becomes crystal clear that none of us live in an incubation & that the impetus for creativity resides in our cultural surroundings & the technological advancements of the time, that make the expression of creativity possible.

With this in mind I will attempt to transcend the rigid believes of creativity being reserved to a few gifted people by mapping out a journey of creative development, through curating & presenting various creative content, technological tools & mind sets conducive to creativity. In the hope that surrounding myself, & visitors of the site, in creatively rich content will create an environment conducive for enlightenment to flourish.  Simultaneously this exercise will result in original creative content for the Enlightend~Allure site.

P.S Feel free to recommend any creative content that would help make our journey together even more fruitful.

Yours Truly

_-_ Curatious _-_