At The Intersection of Development (Photo By Enlightened~Allure)
(E.L.A.) Overall Vision

At the Intersection of Development… (We’ve not been too far away)

Hello everyone, well all 10 of you that is :-).

It’s been a while since we posted here but we haven’t been too far away. Collectively we have been developing our ideas engaging with people in real life & via our new Social media presence (which you can find here & here). In these past few weeks you wont believe the discoveries that we have made & the developments to our overall concepts, although we still retain the same underlying ethos of enlightenment. In the process of running into new people & attempting to curate all of the web into concise & enlightened posts for people to enjoy, one thing has become startlingly clear, in order for us & our concepts to stand the test of time we have to thoroughly enjoy the process we are undergoing rather than doing something in the hope that it will be rewarded by external validations. This is similar to the ideas of Alfie Kohn’s punished by rewards concept.

This realization has resulted in a less anxious approach to the way we share content & how we engage with people. Hopefully this will ensure the quality of our posts & engagements are never compromised & retained at a high level of excellence :-). With this in mind you can expect to see even more mind shifting posts coming from: Curatious, Aldous Huxley & Bertie Russ.

A BIG Thank you for all those who have reached out to us & said hello, we are most definitely in this for the long run & hope to make even more enlightened connections & discoveries along the way.

Yours Truly

_-_The Collective_-_

(E.L.A.) On Intellect

Steps In The Right Direction

It’s now been approximately 4 weeks since we decided to invite the global community along on our journey of enlightenment. A journey, which has been months in the making & is starting to feel like a step in the right direction. There has already been meaningful engagements with other bloggers making strides in their on respectful fields, who have naturally gravitated to the ethos & content on our site. To be specific we have had contact from 5-6 different people over the course of 4 weeks, which averages out to an engagement a week :-). This may not sound like a lot in the online world however this has been achieved through no marketing & has been prior to us linking our social profiles to the site. In addition to the relative progress of our site we’ve individually experienced a weight of our shoulders by making positive strides towards our ambitions.

This might just be a figment of my imagination, although as I make steps in the right direction; by researching for intellectually stimulating content for the site, I have also witness a parallel of positivity within the sphere of societal progress. This has been in the form of a proposed UBI (Unconditional basic income)(More info on our F.B Oct 3.13 posting) within the EU & which is making headway in Switzerland, with a proposed 2, 800 a month per citizen. This would ensure all citizens experience the wonders of life without the stress & anxiety of seeking income for a living, which should really be the ultimate goal of any economy & refreshing in the current state of global austerity.

However on further reflection of the newfound positivity which might be due to the fact that as you become more enlightened & progress you tend to notice more of the positive energy around you due to your own positive energy attracting others, rather than you actually changing you physical surroundings. Either way it clearly illustrates the true merits of making those crucial first steps in the right direction, towards enlightenment.

Yours Truly

_-_Alldose Huxley_-_

(E.L.A.) On Intellect

Welcome to the Intellectual En-light

Being enlightened doesn’t mean deluding yourself that you are not governed by a paradigm; economically, psychologically and environmentally, its rather acknowledging the paradigms that shapes our culture in order understand & transcend them to higher grounds.

That considered I will attempt to comprehensively detail the societal model we all currently live under (the perception & reality of it), and comparing it to the prospects of emerging systems now possible due to technological advancements in various social & scientific fields.

The components that will be addressed over time to gain a comprehensive view of our societal capabilities & limitations will consist of: current knowledge of Human needs, propensities & dominant value set, The environment (our habitat), current technical capabilities (Production, distribution, etc…) and all other forms of enlightening literature.

Hopefully our journey together will be prove to be a healthy form of intellectual En-light

Yours Truly 

_-_ Alldose Huxley_-_