(E.L.A.) Overall Vision

Crystallised Path

First & foremost a seldom mentioned fact about blogging is that when you’re busy out there searching for answers & pieces to the puzzles, its not always easy to find time to blog 🙂 & perhaps that in itself is something to blog about … However it’s in these past weeks that a number of clear paths have been crystallised, while on the journey of enlightenment & the path is simple . . .

Enlightened Allure now AKA E.L.A (for convenience) is going to be grounded in developing IRL engagements based on concrete activities.

This will include bi weekly events (There’s been more than a dozen to date, some videos here), upcoming Pop Up engagements in the summer (TBC) & a Mini Zine of Enlight. (TBC)

These projects are really exciting developments & will be coinciding with a more seamless online experiences for ELA’ers. There will be a ton more news to come as these projects unfold . . .

In the meantime if you would like to get more involved or simply say hi Feel free to engage here

Yours Truly

_-_The Collective_-_