At The Intersection of Development (Photo By Enlightened~Allure)
(E.L.A.) Overall Vision

At the Intersection of Development… (We’ve not been too far away)

Hello everyone, well all 10 of you that is :-).

It’s been a while since we posted here but we haven’t been too far away. Collectively we have been developing our ideas engaging with people in real life & via our new Social media presence (which you can find here & here). In these past few weeks you wont believe the discoveries that we have made & the developments to our overall concepts, although we still retain the same underlying ethos of enlightenment. In the process of running into new people & attempting to curate all of the web into concise & enlightened posts for people to enjoy, one thing has become startlingly clear, in order for us & our concepts to stand the test of time we have to thoroughly enjoy the process we are undergoing rather than doing something in the hope that it will be rewarded by external validations. This is similar to the ideas of Alfie Kohn’s punished by rewards concept.

This realization has resulted in a less anxious approach to the way we share content & how we engage with people. Hopefully this will ensure the quality of our posts & engagements are never compromised & retained at a high level of excellence :-). With this in mind you can expect to see even more mind shifting posts coming from: Curatious, Aldous Huxley & Bertie Russ.

A BIG Thank you for all those who have reached out to us & said hello, we are most definitely in this for the long run & hope to make even more enlightened connections & discoveries along the way.

Yours Truly

_-_The Collective_-_